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Yesterday A “Green” Dog and Today A “Blue “Cat, Why So Cruel ?!

Yesterday a green dog was spotted in Subang Bestari area and pictures in the Facebook show the dog was looking through some plastic bags that was littered , most likely looking for food. Facebook user who discovered the dog says that it doesn’t seem to have an owner.

The post went viral with more than 300 comments with most of them outraged, hoping relevant authorities can take action. Thanks to this kind souls, Shazreen Othuman that helps create public awareness against animal cruelty. He even went to look out for the poor dog.

He updated his post on 13 Nov that he finally found the dog. It’s spotted at a plastic dyeing company in Mutiara Subang. He also added not only dogs but cats and chickens are dyed. Hoping some animal shelters or NGOs can help.

Today a blue and black painted cat was spotted again, shared in a Facebook post by Malaysia Animal Association.

Malaysia Animal Association wrote, “Animal painting culture is becoming more and more common in this country. Just before this, a dog was painted green. Now a cat has been sprayed blue and black by its irresponsible owner. The consequences of this foolish behaviour can be harmful to the animals. Deaths can happen due to poisonous toxins when the cat licks itself or when the paint absorbs into it’s skin.”

“Anyone with information that pets or strays being mistreated this way, please do report such animal cruelty to the authorities or to Malaysia Animal Association,” they added.

We are not sure whether this 2 cases are related. But either some irresponsible human or some irresponsible company who did that should be penalised according to Malaysia’s Animal act of 1953 (AA) once convicted.

Under the AA, a person commits an offence of animal cruelty if they “cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, overrides, overdrives, overloads, tortures, infuriates or terrifies any animal.” In 2013, a woman was sentenced to one year in prison for killing her employer’s dog.

Credit : Say No To Animal Cruelty


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