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Sky Lantern from New Year Celebration Sets Zoo on Fire, Over 30 Animals Killed

Photos Credit to Supracabra | Oriental Daily

Everyone around the world regardless ethnic and religion do celebrate New Year. Most of city would thrown a huge party where people gathered, countdown and some fireworks to celebrate New Year

Credit : Oriental Daily

Sadly, an unfortunate events happened in Germany where an enclosure at a zoo was completely burned down due to a “sky” lantern used in the new year celebrations.

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According to BBC, at least 30 animals in the 21,500 square feet monkey house at Krefeld Zoo were reported to be killed in the fire, which includes a rare Borneo orang utans, chimpanzees and marmosets.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Krefeld Zoo said it was a “miracle” that two chimpanzees, Bally and Limbo, survived the fire. They are slightly injured but being looked after by vets.

Credit : Oriental DailyPolice reported that the fire could’ve been caused by sky lanterns used in the celebrations as people reported seeing those lanterns flying at a low altitude near the zoo before it started burning. Investigators had also found used lanterns near the burnt down enclosure.

Credit: Supracabra

Sky lanterns are actually banned in Germany as they are considered a fire hazard, which was evident in this tragic incident that took the lives of innocent animals.

The zoo thanked people for their “overwhelming wave of compassion”.

Credit : Oriental Daily

“We ask for your understanding that we cannot be there for you today,” it said regarding its decision to close on New Year’s Day.

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Source: BBC | Oriental Daily