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[Video]So?!No One Is Checking Incoming Travellers Body Temperature in KLIA2 -1 Officer Sleeping another on Mobile

Photos Credit to  Facebook| Thenewsdaily

A Facebook user named Mr. L shared a video on his arrival in KLIA2. What surprised him and all of us was the 2 officers that supposed to be on the Thermal scanner booth to check on incoming travellers body temperature – one presumably felt asleep and another one is on his mobile.

Thermal scanners have been installed at airports as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of infectious diseases by allowing officials to prevent anyone with a body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius from entering the country.

Now is the peak for influenza A and some pneumonia-liked unknown virus outbreak in Wuhan . All the countries in Asia are on high alert.

Credit: Todayonline

However, Our officers who supposed to be the frontline checking the body temperature and stop people that might carried the virus to enter our country, don’t even look at the thermal monitor?!

Oh ..This is very disappointing.

In the video, you can see Mr.L walking close to the counter with 1 lady officer i suppose sleeping on the desk while another male officer is on his mobile phone. No one is looking at the thermal monitor at all .

Mr. L added in the caption ” Dozens of passengers with a ranging fever and febrile illness could have entered the country”

Credit: Slate

OMG.. Seriously we hope relevant authorities would do something on it. However, in case of any symptoms like fever, flu or cold. Please seek for medical attention immediately.

Source :  Facebook