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All Time Favorites Chocolates Are Now Available in Ice Cream Bars ! Prices as Low as RM8.47

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing. ” Am pretty sure you had heard this phrase before! Yeah, ice cream make us happy ! What’s make us more excited is the famous ice cream brand is now in Malaysia !

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Let’s check on them !

▼ Toblerone Ice Cream Stick

Credit: belajarcui

Its been awhile since these new Toblerone Ice Cream sticks first popped op on Instagram, and now..Ah..ha ! they are Finally in Malaysia!

A triangle-shaped bar, so fitting !  The combination of honey, almond and nougat goes really well together as it does in the classic Toblerone bar.

Credit: Xavier Lur

▼ Toblerone Ice Cream Stick is RM33.90 per box, which consists of 3 bars in each box

▼ Oreo Ice Cream Stick

Credit: lovethispic

You should be wondering hows the ice cream and cookies should taste like when combine them, yes? I could say it is magic combination. The shell on the outside is ALL cover up with Oreo cookie, every bites Bang ! If you are Oreo fans, you should give this a a try.

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▼ Oreo Ice Cream Stick is RM33.90 per box, which consists of 4 bars in each box

▼ Daim Caramel Ice Cream

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▼ This Daim Ice Cream Sticks been launch oversea few years back and now they are available in Malaysia for real~ The chocolate coating was thick enough to offer a good snap, and tasted rather good ! Surprisingly, you may find the Daim pieces inside the smooth texture. If you haven’t tried these new Daim ice creams and enjoy caramel, then I suggest that you give them a go!

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▼ Daim Caramel Ice Cream Stick is RM33.90 per box, which consists of 4 bars in each box

▼ Milka Crunchy Chocolate 

Milka is made with milky Cadbury chocolate, it is a real treat for those who like crunchy ice-cream treats. The outer layer of the ice-cream coated with lots of nuts and crispy rice crisp with chocolate ice cream inside! If you are a Cadbury fans, am sure you are most likely to give it a try !

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Where to Get?

For sure this is the top questions on your mind ! Now these ice cream are available at Jaya Grocer, price start from RM8.47 only ! Guys, no more waiting.. time to get some sweet treat, the best time for ice cream is always !

Source: Jaya Grocer