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After Bids Teary Farewell, Aaron Kwok Pens A Heartfelt Tribute To His Late Mother

Aaron Kwok’s mother, 90-year-old, had passed away peacefully at home
early last month, but he only made the news of her passing publicly on February 26.

Since then, the 54-year-old has been busy with the funeral arrangements. After bidding a teary farewell to his mother on March 5, Aaron Kwok took to his Instagram to pen a final farewell to her, sharing that he “is still unable to accept” her departure.

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In the pictures taken of the Heavenly King at his mother’s funeral yesterday, he appeared overwhelmed with grief, and was reported to have worn sunglasses because his eyes were swollen from crying.

After the send-off, he posted a late-night tribute to his mother. In the post, he shared a picture of a white lily, as well as a photo where he’s seen presenting his mum with a bouquet.

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別了!我親愛的母親! 雖然,我仍然未能接受妳已經離我而去的事實,但是理性上,我仍必須堅忍著心中的傷痛,全力為妳處理好喪禮一切的事宜。😭 昨天的設靈,謝謝所有圈內圈外的好朋友,致送予母親的心意花牌,令整個禮堂充滿幽幽的花香。夜𥚃更有不少親朋好友,業內朋友、工作團隊,親到靈堂,向我的母親作最後告別,實在令我覺得暖意無限,感激不已! 今天,完成喪禮上的一切程序,一家人一起真真正正去送別母親,陪她走最後一程,正式入土為安。原本是陰天天氣,於儀式完成後,天色突發放晴,我相信是母親對我們作為子女,為她用心奉上的一切,她在天上帶笑接收。。 如何不捨都放手!由今天起,母親已經活在我的心中,繼續見證我的努力,和我的人生! 再一次謝謝各位朋友的心意和關心!也謝謝各位協助處理母親喪禮事宜的單位及朋友,和我的工作團隊,一直全程為我分憂。還有也謝謝這兩天為了採訪工作而來回奔走的傳媒,大家辛苦了!而各位的問候也收到了! 今天,母親的告別式,一切圓滿完成! 在此,除了謝意,也衷心希望大家健康平安!🙏

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“Goodbye, my dear mother! Although, I am still unable to accept the fact that you have left us, but logically, I still have to bear the hurt in my heart, to deal with all your funeral arrangements,” he wrote, before going on to thank everyone who had sent in flowers, or relayed their condolences.

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“Today, after finishing everything planned for the funeral, the family sent my mother off, accompanying her on the last leg of her journey, so that she can rest in peace. The weather started off gloomy and overcast, but after the rituals, the skies suddenly cleared up. I believe this was from my mother to her children, a sign that she is smiling at us from above, because of everything we’ve done for her,” he continued.

Credit : Today Online

“Regardless of how unwilling I am to let go… From today on, my mother lives on in my heart, where she continues to witness my hard work, and my life,” Aaron wrote, before ending his post by thanking everyone who had lent their support in one way or the other, and wishing for their good health and safety.”

Our deepest condolences to Aaron and his family ! Aaron’s mum, May your soul rest in peace.

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