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Bullied 17 yo M’sia teen commits suicide, bullies kneel & apologise in funeral

Source : China Press| rage

According to China Press, a 17 years old teen named Jiang Junzhe had been the target of bullying by 2 of his classmates. Sadly, he committed suicide on 2 Mar, jumped from a 4th storey mall in Kulai, Johor.

Credit: China Press

The 2 classmates had allegedly poured chilli sauce into his school bag, poured water on him, and taken his bank card.

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In one of the Instagram stories, the victim apparently wrote, “Thank you everyone. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for you, but I really cannot go on any longer”.

A funeral was held in Johor, and was attended by his family and friends.

Credit : China Press

His bullies, accompanied by their parents, also attended the funeral. The bullies were seen kneeling in front of the coffin, and reportedly apologised to the victim.

The victim’s parents had said to the bullies: “If it was your son who died today, what would you do? You forced my son and left him no choice but to jump.”  The victim’s family members also scolded the bullies’ parents for not educating their children well.

Credit : China Press

The victim’s family revealed that they were not aware of the extent of bullying that Jiang went through. His mother stated that she noticed him packing food to school, but did not think much of it because she thought that he was trying to lose weight.

The victim’s classmates shared that Jiang was repeatedly bullied by classmates for refusing to join a secret gang.

Credit : China Press

One classmate also said that he had played basketball with the victim on the day he committed suicide.

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“He told me that this would be the last time we play basketball. But I didn’t think anything was wrong at that time.”

RIP Junzhe! People, bullying does more damage than what you think! Think twice on what you say and what you do on others .. because you might not have a chance to say sorry!

Source : China Press