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Iconic Anime Voice Actor of Crayon Shin Chan’s Father Passes Away at 55 Due to Cancer

Japanese voice actor Keiji Fujiwara who voiced Shin Chan’s father “Hiroshi Nohara” in the cartoon “Crayon Shin-chan” was reported died at the age of 55 after fighting against cancer.

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Keiji Fujiwara played the roles of famous Crayon Shin-chan father after working in theater once he finished high school.

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Beside that, has also taking on others popular TV shows , for instance Initial D, and Hikaru no Go. His unique nasal sound is just impressive!

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In addition to cartoons, he also dubbed many Japanese versions of Hollywood movies, such as the Marvel series “Iron Man” and “Chocolate Adventure Factory” Johnny Tepp’s role and so on.

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Kaiji Fujiwara announced a temporary recuperation on the grounds of physical discomfort in 2016, and then Shin Chan’s father voice was replaced by Morikawa Tomoyuki. Once he recovered on June 16, 2017, he started the dubbing work again. Despite of being a voice actor, he is also the owner  “AIR AGENCY”. He had been playing so many roles before!

Many fans were shocked and could not believe the news. Keiji Fujiwara indeed an incredibly talented and had one of the coolest voices in the industry, this is such a huge loss !

Rest in peace Fujiwara , your voice will always be remembered !

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