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Our Astronaut Is Now A Food Delivery Rider? For Real?!

Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor recently uploaded a photo in Instagram of himself on a motorbike with a food delivery bag. Yes ! It’s for real.. he had been delivering food for a restaurant named Rebung over the past week.

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The 47-year-old shared the story of how he got into the F&B business and the experiences he had to go through to sustain it.

He is one of the co-owners of Rebung, a restaurant in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur that specialises in authentic Malay food.

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He looked back at the days when the restaurant was just starting out, saying, “I remember going to Pasar Borong Selayang at 4am during those days, buying fresh seafood everyday for the first 6 months on their start up.”

“I remember sending lemang, rendang, and dodol in the wee hours of raya morning for the past two years. Those were the days.”

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Pic – Being a delivery Boy Not many knew that I co-own Rebung Restaurant with Chef Ismail way back since 2003 and it has bloomed ever since . I remembered going to Pasar Borong Selayang at 0400 am during those days buying fresh seafood everyday for the past 6 months during our start up . I remembered sending Lemang & Rendang & Dodol in the wee hours of morning Raya for the past 2 years . Those were the days. And Alhamdulillah – after 17 years Rebung still standing strong with 80 staffs achieving many Awards – Best Malay Food for 5 consecutive years . We even shifted from Bangsar Park to Botanical Park in 2018 for a more spacious 5 storey parking space and could accommodate upto 500 pax . – Syukur Alhamdulillah … I’m a man who is passionate on food . And Rebung is focused on Authentic Malay Food especially Negeri Sembilan . There’s no doubt the food is mouth watering – Haha puji Restaurant sendiri . We started opening again last week during this MCO and I personally put my feet on the ground to deliver food . Memang Best . Just sharing . Salam Everyone … Love As Always … @rebung_taman_botani For order kindly WhatsApp 011 2790 6993 PS – Anyone been to Rebung ? Do share – TQ

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He also added his restaurant recently reopened during the MCO and he is doing his part to help out, putting his feet on the ground to deliver food. Such a humble man 🙂

Netizens shared their memories dining in at the authentic Malay food restaurant and many praised how tasty the food was. A lot of them also missing their Ramadhan buffet..

Some netizen don’t really believe he is delivering food.

Maybe i also want to try your luck by placing an order, who knows he might just turn up at my doorstep. 

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