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Take Note Everyone! Please Beware of ‘Perdana Menteri Malaysia’ Malware!

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The National Cyber Security Agency (Nacsa) has warned netizens over a fake Android application containing malware which can be used to steal users’ online banking details and contact numbers.

In a statement today, Nacsa said the National Cyber Coordination and Command Centre (NC4) had received information on a application named “Perdana Menteri Malaysia” that channels information on Covid-19 aid programme.

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Nacsa, an agency under the National Security Council (NSC), said NC4 had received a screenshot of the Perdana Menteri Malaysia Android application which need to be downloaded from hxxp://

The checks and analysis revealed that it is a fake application containing malware, utilised to steal users’ online banking details and contact numbers.

“It can also read the victims’ messages and steal TAC received from the bank,” Nacsa said.

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NC4 urged all users to be vigilant and not to download application from unknown source, examples include those received via SMS or email.

It also called on netizens not to click on a download link received through SMS and if its already been clicked on the link, do not to give out personal details or proceed to download the application.

“Always make sure download application only from official store, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery or Samsung Galaxy Store.

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“Any official SMS from NSC will be automatically labelled as NSC and would not contain a number for replies.”

Nacsa added that any official information will only be channel through NSC official social media accounts name the following:




Instagram, or


Source : NST Twitter