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Top Tips From Netizens to Ensure Food Stay Longer & Fresh In Fridge

Hey people, how do you keep your veges and meat once you get back from grocery? As MCO restriction concerned, we are not allowed to go out for shopping EVERYDAY! Sometimes we do need to buy a 3 to 4 days fresh stock supply, or even 1 week’s supply to avoid going out so frequently.

Hence, here’s come the questions ! How to keep the fresh stock well?

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It is kinda headaches as the fresh supply will deteriorated by times…no worry guys, @anasulianna come to the rescue!  Ana had share her top tips at Twitter on how to keep the fresh stocks by using some plastic and containers. The post went viral and garned 13.7K like and 9.8k retweets.

This is some tips from Ana:

▼Keeps veges in the transparent container and labelled them

▼See how neat it was, you can find the ingredient easily

▼Divided the meat into smaller portion (2-3 pcs per pac for small family) in a separate zip bag. Recommended portion for one time cooking, of course depend on the family size as well. This will keep the freshness of meat as you only defrost the needed portion.

▼Separate the leaves and ginger out in each pac. Cut them into small pieces, follows the cooking’s portion, seal it and keep it in freezer.

▼After one week in freezer, the curry leaves still look fresh !

▼Keep the vege in a airtight container, recommended transparent container, lined with tissues paper

▼For chili, you may follow this steps: Lined the container with tissues, spray some water, take off the chili’s stalk, place 3-4 garlic into the container. It could keep the chili fresh up to 3 weeks !

▼The chili look super nice and moist even one week pass

▼By using this way, you may keep the veges fresh up to 10 days !

▼Another tricks from Ana, keeps the serai, ginger, cekur and lengkuas into a container, & must fill in with WATER ! Keep them into fridge, it will keep them fresh! Remember to change the water every week~

▼ Surprisingly most of the netizens are using the same way as Ana does.

▼ Some netizens followed Ana advise and the feedback was positive!

▼The items were well organized and the fridge look neat !!! bravo ~

▼ Some recommend to store the aromatics in oil instead water

Now you know the tricks, so what are you waiting for, try it today !

Source: Twitter