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Zoo Keepers Build Obstacle For Penguins’ Workouts

Photos credit to Wildlife Reserve Singapore

Despite being closed, Singapore Zoo remain steadfast in their mission to protect wildlife.

Credit: blanja

The Africa penguins were in surprise after come back from a swim. What’s await them was a new playground!

Credit: theworldnews

The African penguins have taken to their walks so well that their keepers think they would love to explore new areas in the parks.

To help them go further in their little adventures, their exhibit has been transformed into an obstacle course, helping them build leg strength!

Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The penguins love the obstacle course. They ventured into the the obstacle right after the bravest penguin in on the action.

Credit:Wildlife Reserves Singapore

According to Singapore Zoo, the African penguin habitats are sandy, and can be steep or rocky. Hence, the workouts would strengthens their legs, as different muscles are put to use to navigate new environments. This helps the penguins to get ready for their next adventure.

Credit: Wildlife Reserved Singapore

Singapore Zoo are maintaining the highest standards of welfare for the animals under their care, and they also will continue to support important conservation work in Singapore and the region. Good job Singapore Zoo!

Let’s check out this video!

So, how’s your MCO? maybe want to try out something new to your routine too! 

Source: Wildlife Reserve Singapore