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Are Song Hye-Kyo and Hyun Bin Secretly Reconciled?

Ever since Song Hye-Kyo’s divorce last year, the ex-Mrs Song Joong Ki’s love life has been a great interest to everyone.

Credit : China Press

Rumours of the Korean actress having an affair with her Encounter co-star Park Bo-Gum surfaced shortly after the split, but Bo-Gum denied any involvement with the 38-year-old star.

Recently, netizens have been speculating if Hye-Kyo has secretly gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend, Crash Landing On You star, Hyun Bin.

Eagle eye netizens spotted a few ” coincidences ” through their IG .. Let’s check it out :

▼”Coincidence” #1 

Credit: China Press

Fans were sent into a tizzy recently when Hye-Kyo’s pal, actress Park Sol-Mi, uploaded a screenshot of the soundtrack to The World They Live In.

Hye-Kyo commented on her post saying “Sister… Hahaha”.

When netizens asked Sol-Mi if Hye-Kyo and Hyun Bin are back together, she immediately closed the comments section. Suspicious much?

And that’s not all.

▼”Coincidence” #2  

Early this month, Earlier this month, fans noticed that Hye-Kyo had Instagrammed a photo that looked very similar to a location Hyun Bin was at for a commercial shoot.

Credit : Todayonline

▼”Coincidence” #3 

In another photo she posted, this time a selfie with a friend, Hye-Kyo was seen wearing a necklace with the English letters ‘S’ and ‘H’. Netizens immediately jumped to the conclusion that the ‘S’ represents Hye-Kyo’s surname while the ‘H’ refers to Hyun Bin.

Credit : Todayonline

Back then, Hyun Bin and Hye-Kyo were rumoured to be a couple after starring together in 2008 K-drama “The World They Live In”, but it was only in 2009 did they officially acknowledge their relationship. In 2011, the couple announced their split just before Hyun Bin enlisted for military service.

Credit : China Press

Their agency explained that the break-up was a result of their busy schedules, as well as the “overwhelming stress caused by public attention”. As they “didn’t have enough time to deal with such problems”, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Some hardcore “Crash landing on you” fans, would still prefer Hyun Bin and Soon Ye-Jin are real couple instead of with Hye-Kyo. Although Hyun Bin and Soon Ye-Jin was spotted doing grocery shopping together in Los Angeles( LA), but the both of them denied in a relationship.

Credit : China Press

But then again, these pictures may very well just be “coincidences”. Anyway, which pair do you like the most ? Hyun Bin & Song Hye-Kyo or Hyun Bin & Soon Ye-Jin?

Source : Todayonline