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Charmaine Sheh’s 3-Bedroom Luxury Apartment Revealed, Reportedly Costs Over RM 177,000/month to Rent

Photos credit to HK01

The latest celeb crib in the public eye is that of Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh, who recently revealed her luxury service apartment in Chinese reality TV show, ” Look At My Life”.

Credit : HK01

The show offered fans a glimpse into the 44-year-old Yanxi Palace star’s 3-bedroom luxury apartment, where she lives alone.

Apartment furnished in brown and nude tones, has balcony overlooking Tsim Sha Tsui. Sheh leads a simple and relaxed lifestyle at home, spending most of her time playing with her mobile phone, watching television or eating.

Credit : HK01

In a clip from “Look At My Life”, Sheh’s apartment is shown to be furnished with an L-shaped sofa.

Credit : HK01

Her dining area has decorative cabinets filled with various ornaments, and a wooden dining table that can seat six.

Credit : HK01

Apart from these features, she also have a full length window and balcony overlooking Tsim Sha Tsui.

The article also reveals that Sheh had chastised herself for eating five to six meals a day but not exercising enough. However, she attributes her slim figure to eating more meals with smaller portions, cutting down on oil and salt, as well as chewing her food slowly.

According to Sina, 44-year-old Sheh lives alone in a rented apartment at K11 ARTUS, which is located along Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon:

Credit : Sina

Of course, it is without surprise that such a residence would fetch a pretty penny. It is reported that rent for the smallest units cost around 52,000 yuan (RM31,870) a month, while the largest ones with 3 bedrooms cost 290,000 yuan (RM177,737).

It is believed that Sheh stays in the 3-bedroom apartment.

Check out the video :

Source : Sina | HK01