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Watch Movies In Cinemas During Pandemic! Drive-in Cinemas Launched In Dubai While Social Distancing

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many countries declared lockdown in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus. And certainly, pubs and entertainment outlets were ordered to be shuttered including cinemas. Gosh.. I miss cinemas so much as we are MCO for over 2 months!

To satisfy the movie-goers, VOX Cinemas in Dubai,  has been launching their new drive-in cinemas by creating on the roof of one of the world’s largest shopping malls.

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For adhering to social distancing regulations, VOX Cinemas said that viewers are limited to only two people for each car at the open-air venue. The drive-in cinema opens on Sundays and can accommodate up to 75 cars at a time.

Tickets cost 180 dirhams (RM210) per car including snacks, popcorns and drinks.

“We keep our social distancing so it’s a brilliant idea in my opinion,”  one of the Porsche driver said during a pre-opening event at the drive-in cinema.

However, while there is still under the restrictions of government, children aged 3-12 and people over 60 years old are disallowed to enter the drive-in cinema which situated on the roof of Majid Al Futtaim’s Mall of the Emirates.

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Since the drive-in cinema has been launching for over a week, the netizens in Dubai shared their experiences with taking video and posted on the social media. The video which shared on the Facebook page, Lovin Dubai went viral with over 15,000 shares and 6,400 reactions.

▼ The video showed the red carpet entrance of the drive-in cinema.

▼ Viewers will be given snacks and drinks.

▼ Select the radio tune and you can control the volume of the movies as much as you like.

Watching movies in cars might be another way of enjoying entertainments during the pandemic.

It’s really awesome and cool, right?! Will you hope that Malaysia will have a drive-in cinema too?!

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Source: Lovin Dubai / Facebook