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2 Yellow Lamborghinis Which Are Almost Identical Involved In Accident In Singapore

Two lookalike Lamborghinis were spotted to involve in an accident which was happened in Singapore on Sunday (June 7).

It is admittedly rare to see a supercar such like Lamborghini appearing on a Singapore road, yet two Lamborghini Aventadors of exactly the same colour got into an accident together has become an unusual sight for the public.

According to the post of SG Road Vigilante Facebook page, it took place at a traffic junction in the evening. At the moment of the accident, The first Lamborghini was believed to be stopped at the junction but was rear-ended by another Lamborghini which didn’t stop promptly.

▼ Traffic Police attended to the scene.

▼ As we can see from the photos, some passer-by who was taking a look at the two crashing Lamborghinis were crowded at the pavement.

▼ The Lamborghinis were eventually towed away from the scene and no injuries was reported in this accident.

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Source: SG Road Vigilante – SGRV / Facebook | STOMP