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Abusing Power, A Girl Speak Out Wanting To Learn Black Magic After A Worker Privately Message Her

Photo Credit to bernama | shrm (Illustrative image)

Since the starting of the Movement Control Order (MCO), if we are going to visit a store, we have to write name and contact number, scan our temperature before entering any store.

Credit: straitstimes

Recently, there is a user in Twitter posted a screenshot on her tweet. This quickly becomes viral and garnered over 9114 retweets and 12.7K likes. It started when a worker from a Kopitiam, message her privately. He also revealed himself to be the one who checks her temperature when she visited a shop. OMG, that’s creepy ~~

She was baffled by the guy’s brazenness! He asked her to save his number when he did not even ask for the consent to have her number.

This tweet received mixed reviews from the netizens. The netizens have a lot of opinions regarding the matter and commented on the post.

▼Netizen were perplexed by that man’s action, using customer information for personal gain is a big NO NO !

▼However, there are also people who disagree with the girl’s action in posting the message

▼Lin makes it clear that she DID NOT give her phone number to that guy in first place. She had to write down her phone number, only because the shop does not have any QR code.

Credit: Twitter

▼Netizen in the mean time, shared their experiences with the same kind of harassment.

Ops..sad for the straight guy !

Credit: Hiburan

▼Netizen worried about the girl safety and advise her to report to the higher up, in order to stop this from happening more in the future.

▼No worry people, Lin already blocked and reported his number. Everything is fine now ! 

Next time, don’t misuse any information for personal gain, my friend! It is a crime. If you like someone, don’t chicken out, just ask them directly. You never know you might be lucky!

Sources: Twitter