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German Post Office Staff Hospitalised After Exposed to A Package Contain Durians

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According to CNN, a group of German post office staff were hospitalised after they were exposed to a suspicious pungent package.

Credit : sputniknews ( Picture for illustration purpose only)

Police, firefighters and emergency services were called to a post office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt and the entire building was evacuated on Saturday, June 20, after staff noticed a smell coming from a shipment.

“Due to the unknown content, it was initially unclear whether the suspect package posed a greater risk,” a statement from Schweinfurt police department explained. The package was carefully examined.

Haha.. It turned out to be 4 Thai Durians. A 50-year-old resident of the town who had sent the fruits home from a friend in Nuremberg.

Credit : CNN

“A total of 12 postal workers who complained of nausea had to be taken care of on site,” police in Schweinfurt said.

Because of the durians, 6 ambulances, 5 first-responder cars, 2 emergency vehicles and 3 different fire department were attended the incident.

However, the fruit was end up delivered to its intended recipient.

Credit : Berita Harian

This news might tickle a lot of us in Southeast Asia, because we just love the creamy texture and smell .. droolingūü§§ But, some ” mat salleh” said it smells like rotten food & dirty socks.