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Indian Man Dies After Family Members Unplug Ventilator to Plug in Cooler in Hospital

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A 40-year-old man died at a government hospital in India after his family members allegedly unplugged the ventilator he was on to plug in an air cooler.

According to Indian Express, he was suspected to be positive Covid-19 and admitted in ICU on Jun 13. His test report, however, came negative later.

Credit : Indian Express

The man was then shifted to an isolation ward on Jun 15 as a safety measure after another patient in the ICU tested positive for the disease.

The isolation ward was hot, his family members bought an air cooler when visited him in the hospital. The couldn’t find a socket for the cooler and allegedly unplugged the ventilator for  almost half-an-hour later, the ventilator ran out of power.

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After the family members realised something was not right, they immediately informed doctors and medical staff, who performed CPR upon the patient, unfortunately he died, reported by China Press.

The family members allegedly did not seek permission to plug in the cooler and when the patient died, they “misbehaved”- scolded and shouted at the medical staff and the resident doctor on duty, the hospital authorities said.