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Parking Fee for 3 Months During Covid-19 Lockdown RM23,595 !!! What?!

Photos credit to asianpropertyreview

Some countries imposed national lockdown amid Covid-19 pandemic, all of us are urged to stay at home in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus. A Japanese netizen shared a photo that shows an autopay machine displaying the parking fee of 590,850 yen (RM 23,595) on the screen.

In Japan, most of the carpark is on daily or hourly rate. He said he parked his car in Shibuya area for 3 months during the lockdown. He couldn’t believe his eye when he inserted his parking ticket into the autopay machine because the parking fee displayed on the screen was 590,850 yen (RM 23,595), reported by China Press.

Credit : China Press

He jokingly said in his caption, ” I don’t want my car anymore..”

His post went viral and got the attention of netizens. Naturally, quite a number of people were equally surprised at the exorbitant parking fee.

Some commented ” What if you don’t pay?”, “The carpark operator does not impose a maximum cap limit?”, ” 6,500 yen a day, it’s cheaper than what i thought”, ” You should sell to second hand car dealer”, ” I thought the carpark operator will toll your car” , ” They should have impose a maximum cap limit, maybe it’s not in the system yet”.

Credit : Travel Classroom

Prices of carpark start at 100 yen per 15 or 30 minute period, moving on to a price per hour and per 24 hours (usually over 1000 yen). It goes without saying that parking in the center of Tokyo costs a lot more than in the outskirts or the countryside. So, please check out the parking rate before you park your car in Japan!