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Some M’sian Are Making Fun of The K-Pop Singer Stage Name ” Babi”

Photos credit to Instagram Babi

So Young, a South Korean singer and member of female Kpop group Fly With Me, was teased incessantly online recently.

She has been the subject of ridicule in Malaysia because of her stage name ” Babi”. Some Malaysians are making fun on her stage name. In the Malay language, babi means ‘pig’ and calling someone ‘babi’ is an insult here.

Malaysians were quick to flock to her Instagram posts, leaving a bunch of sarcastic comments.

Check out some comments from ntizens:

“I’m really interested to make friend with Babi”

“Sis , Can you change your name cause it’s a curse word here”

” Hi Babi, You are so famous in Malaysia”

” Finally Babi can fly”

“Babi fly”

“Fly with me Babi , come on!”

some commented she is the “most beautiful Babi”

The sarcastic comments from Malaysian bullies definitely hurt the Kpop artist who put up a post pleading everyone to stop.

Credit : The Sun

The post read” Malaysian who came here to mock my name have to see this post”

In the Instagram post, Babi asked “Why are you doing this to me? Just because my name is your laughing stock?”

“Are you fun with this? I am not interested in your language. So it doesn’t matter what my name means in your language.”

“I didn’t know your country, but I don’t want to know it anymore.”

However, she did thank those who tried to help defend her.

Credit : The Sun ( So Young )


Sadly, this isn’t the first time Malaysians have shown their entitled behaviour and have harassed another singer for using the same word.

Singer Dua Lipa was harassed online by Malaysians in 2018 for using the word ‘babi’ to address her father.

Her parents are from Albania and in their language, ‘babi’ means father.

Credit : The Reporter

The bullying online forced Dua Lipa to change her post wishing her dad “Happy Birthday babi” to “Happy birthday, Dad.”

In an interview with L’Officiel, the singer said “it was actually quite mean” because she was “obviously not talking in Malay.”

Come on, Malaysians.. Please don’t do this anymore!

Source : The Sun