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The Most Eligible Bachelor, 28-Year-Old Prince of Brunei with 2.3 Million Followers in Instagram

Photos credit to instagram

It is every young girl’s dream to become a woman, marry a prince and live happily ever how most fairy tales end. In real life, we have Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle who married the prince of United Kingdom. OMG.. so are we left with no other option??

No worry peeps! We have a prince who stay not that far from us, in Brunei who definitely be girls’ dream guy. Prince Abdul Mateen is the fourth son of Brunei’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and he has an impossibly perfect life.

Prince Mateen (@tmski) Instagram account is currently with 2.3 million followers. Beside his Brunei royal background. He is a qualified helicopter pilot and a captain in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Prince Mateen has a master’s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy.

What’s more eye-catching is his impressive muscular physique, or smouldering for the camera in his military uniforms.


He has a soft spot for animals, being an animal-lover makes any man significantly more attractive.

According to Harpers Bazaar, he opened up about how important his family is to him. “I mean, I have my friends, but you can’t go away from family, they are blood and we are very close,” he added, “And their love and support has been a very positive influence in my life.” How sweet is that?

Pictures via (@tmski)