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Traffic Police Rescue Injured Dog in Federal Highway

Photos credit to facebook | thestar

Traffic police who rescued an injured dog on the Federal Highway on Friday (Jun 11) morning, garnering praise for their actions.

The dog was injured after being knocked by a vehicle at KM13.8 of the highway.

According to the official Royal Malaysia Police Facebook page, help was given to the dog so that it could walk again.

The post came with a caption, “Every creature on this Earth is precious, we should do good and love one another because every life deserves to live peacefully and comfortably”

Their heroic action was widely praised, most netizens thanked them for their help and kindness, saying that God would bless them in return.

Another netizen said,” Any life matters even it’s an animal,” and thanked the traffic police whom saved the dog.

One said that the picture must be shown all over the world.

“Seeing this picture makes me so touched and want to give the officer a big hug, ” he said.

Source : Facebook