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“Who Am I?” Mysterious Man believed to be Malaysian Stranded in China

“I hate myself, I don’t know why i’m in Jingzhou, China and I don’t know who am i,” said a mysterious man, who believed to be a Malaysian, that has been staying at a relief centre inĀ  China for almost a month.

Credit : Oriental Daily

The local residents – who found him loitering on the streets – sent him to the Jingzhou social relief centre in Hubei province on May 17. Since then, workers there have been trying to establish his identity.

Credit : Maserati

According to Oriental Daily, He could not remember who he is or where he lives, but he told the worker in the relief centre that he drove a Maserati sports car and stayed in a bungalow.

On Thursday (Jun 18), they put up a missing person’s notice online, hoping to help the man locate his family.

From a video clip, the man – who speaks in English, Mandarin and Cantonese with Malaysian accent – said he has a mother, two sisters and two daughters – and these were all he could remember.

His hope came on Friday (Jun 19) when several men, claiming to be his friends, showed up at the doorstep of the centre, saying that the man is a Malaysian businessman. They met him during Chinese New Year in Fujian, China. But they are not in contact with him for a few months. So, they have no idea why the man end up in Jingzhou, according to China Press.

The visitors also claimed that the man’s wife and children were in the United States while his mother and younger brother were in Malaysia.

Their statement, somehow, was inconsistent as the man only remembered he has two sisters instead of a brother.

Credit : Conspiracyofonesolo

An official of the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing said they have been notified of the case. It is learnt that the authorities have obtained a Malaysian identification document, reported by The Star.

“We are checking if it belongs to the man at the centre and its authenticity,” the official said.

At the same time, their colleagues in Malaysia were also trying to connect with individuals believed to be family members of the man based on the details provided to them by the centre.