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Young British Man Left With Horrific Scars After Hair Transplant in Turkey

A British man, Luke Horsfield, 26, was left with bald spots and scarring after undergoing hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Credit : The Sun

Luke had always felt self conscious about his thinning hair line and decided to go under the knife. He found the clinic in Turkey (with good reviews in their website) advertised the procedure for £1,250( Rm 6,600), which will cost around £6,000 ( Rm 31,000) in UK.

He underwent a 6-hour operation at the Clinic Center in Istanbul in December 2018. The surgeons at the clinic didn’t speak English.

The procedure sees hair follicles removed from the side and back of a patient’s scalp and injected into the front where the balding occurs.

Credit : The Sun

Luke said: ‘I did everything they told me to do as aftercare once I had the operation.

‘But after four months, I saw literally no growth. I rang them to ask why it hadn’t grown, but I was told this was normal. ‘It got six months and there was a little bit of growth but not much and after a year it still hadn’t grown. I was left with scars and bald patches.’

Luke said his complaints fell on deaf ears and when he asked for a refund, they even offered him another operation for half the price.

He says they eventually offered Luke a £400 ( Rm 2,000)refund, barely a third of what he paid for the botched job.

Credit : The Sun

Luke posted a review of his operation and treatment at the hands of the Clinic Center on YouTube and was contacted by a clinic in UK offering to repair the botched job for free.

Credit : The Sun

Luke went under the knife again and he was left delighted with the results.

Credit : Daily Mail ( After the repair operation )

Luke said he thought he had found a bargain deal, but has now urged other men to fully research procedures and clinics.

Source : The Sun