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Check Out the Extra Benefits From Touch ‘n Go, Boost and Grab When You Claim ePenjana RM50 Starting Jul 31!

The Ministry of Finance has announced before during Budget 2020 that the government has allocated RM750 million for the implementation of the eTunai Rakyat which is now known as Economic Recovery Plan (ePenjana).

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Now you can claim your ePenjana RM50 through the selected platforms such as Touch ‘n Go, Boost and Grab which approved by the Ministry of Finance starting today, 31st July 2020.

But before that, make sure you have downloaded MySejahtera app and become a registered user with correct and accurate details that match your e-wallet details before claiming your ePenjana incentive.

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When ePenjana was initially announced in June, it was mentioned that the RM50 credit is meant only for offline or physical purchases which means you could only use the credit a physical stores but now there are no restrictions on purchases. According to the redemption details revealed, the recipients are free to use the RM50 credit for both online and offline purchases.

The application period for the RM50 credit is from 31st July 2020 to 24th September 2020 and the deadline for the use of credit is 30th September 2020.

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This incentive is open to all Malaysian citizens aged at least 18 years old with an annual income in RM100,000 and less than that.

Besides that, the three e-wallet platforms is offering extra benefits apart from the RM50 credit from the government. You can choose only one one platform among these 3 e-wallet platforms to redeem your RM50 credit. Here are the benefits of each e-wallet platforms.

1. Touch ‘n Go

If you claim your ePenjana credit through Touch ‘n Go, you can get extra coupons worth more than RM300 after you have received the RM50 credit from the government. You’ll get your additional coupons from Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe, Starbucks, Tealive and many more. Only the first 100,000 users have the opportunity to receive the coupons worth more RM300.

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2. Grab

If you claim your RM50 credit from Grab app, you will get an additional coupon worth RM50. These coupons include McDonald’s RM5, Starbucks RM5, H&M RM10, Watsons RM10, Kenny Rogers Roasters RM5 and many more.

Not only that! Every week, the first 7000 people who received ePenjana, uses Grab service which includes Grab, Grabfood, GrabMart or GrabExpress, you have a chance to win a coupon worth RM75.

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3. Boost

If you choose to get your RM50 ePenjana credit from Boost, you can get additional coupons and cash rebates worth RM80 from Secret Recipe, Celcom Xpax, Watsons Tealive, Tesco, KK SuperMart and many more.

You can choose any one of these 3 e-wallet platforms based on your preference to claim your ePenjana RM50 credit! Don’t forget to register yourself as a user in MySejahtera app!

Info via: Berita Harian