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Grandpa Found A “Special” Way to Identify His ‘Masked’ Grandchild!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Since wearing mask wherever we go is the new norm, it’s kinda hard to identify someone with their mask on.

Recently, a post about a grandpa with an unique way to figure out his grandchild went viral on Facebook.The post has more than 6K likes and 7K shares.

Grandpa has found the most effective way to find his grandchild who wears a face mask in conjunction with the schools’ precautionary measures during this pandemic in Thailand.

He used a sign board with his grandchild’s nickname on it to figure out his grandchild easily.

Credit: Facebook

And grandpa managed to find grandchild with the signboard.

Credit: Facebook

▼ Some of them find this way is so cute and adorable to find your child since they are all wearing the similar face masks.

▼ While some of them finds this way effective!

I personally find this way is super cute and adorable! You can also figure out your child easily by using this effective way!

Info via: Facebook