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MET : Rain to be Expected Until Early August

Photo Credit to Bloomberg | Daily Express

This year direction of the wind from south-west is weaker, thus, even though we normally experienced dry weather on month of July will have unexpected rain. Malaysia Meteorological Department (MET) forecast from now on to early August, we will have rain anytime.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Director general of MET told Oriental Daily, normally from mid May to September, during the south-west monsoon we will have less rainfall. However, this year south-west monsoon is weaker, thus weather in June and July is more humid.

“Normally in July we will experienced dry weather due to the wind from south-west with less rainfall. Because this year strength of south-west monsoon is weaker, thus wind from south-west and south-east blowing to us.”

Credit : NST

Some of the area in peninsula will have heavy rainfall. Up to mid July, some of the area in Selangor and Sarawak already exceeding average rainfall records. Thus, these area might have flash flood.

MET urged especially those staying in low-lying and high water levels area to take note. You may check out MET Facebook page, call 1-300-22-1638 or download myCuaca for the latest info on weather forecast.