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Run Run Sushi Introduces Their New Sashimi ‘Noodles’!

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Has Mukbang videos been keeping you awake all night thinking how nice it would be if you can taste them right away?

If you’re wondering what is ‘Mukbang’, it is an “eating show” which happens to be a viral South Korean trend features someone eating large amounts of food and highlights the chewing noises to fulfill one’s ASMR satisfaction.

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There is a good news just for you by Run Run Sushi!

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Japanese food outlet, Run Run Sushi has come up with its first ever salmon sashimi ‘noodles’ which is definitely one of the favourite food in the mukbang wave.

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Sashimi ‘Noodles’ is the latest and delicious way to enjoy your salmon sashimi! It is the newest and most delicious way to enjoy your Salmon Sashimi! You can savour the perfectly chilled and fresh salmon sashimi ‘noodles’, served with their special in-house special sauce to get the perfect taste of sweet and savoury.

The best part is, the dish has no carbs at all!

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This Sashimi ‘Noodles’ Mukbang set is only available for online purchase and with limited portions daily.

It comes in three different sizes. Beginner set is recommended for two as a side dish which costs $34.50 (RM105.81), Intermediate set is recommended for three to four people which costs $52 (RM159.48) and Expert set is recommended for five to six people or for an individual full lunch or dinner which costs $69 (RM211.61).

Each set is served with an ice pack and ncludes a portion of salmon sashimi noodles, wasabi and their in-house special sauce.

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Yummy! Can’t wait to try this! What are you waiting for?  

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