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She is Not Queen Elizabeth! She is the One Who’s Stood in For the Queen for More Than 2 Decades

In filming industry, it’s pretty normal to have stand in to replace actors on camera from behind, in makeup, or during dangerous stunts. But, do you know Queen Elizabeth II also had a stand in?

Credit : Xuan

This is her secret weapon, her name is Ella Slack- a former BBC manager, spent the last quarter of a century acting as the Queen’s official stand-in at rehearsals for royal events.

Credit : Daily Mail

The 69-year-old has never accepted a penny for her loyal service, considering it ‘a pleasure and an honour’ to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the sovereign.

“How many people in the world have had a chance to sit in a royal landau or walk onto the dais at Windsor Castle even before the Queen has done so?” she said.

Miss Slack do not resemble the Queen facially, but she has a similar height and build like the Queen.

Credit : Xuan

She started her remarkable role in 1988, when she was working as manager of the BBC’s sports and events department. A producer asked her if she could stand in for the Queen to check camera angles at a rehearsal – and her second career was born.

Info via Daily Mail