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What To Do If You Are Being Interrogated By Authorities? Here Is A Tip!

Photo credit to Lowyat   

Have you heard about the recent case of 46 people being compounded after caught not following the SOP in a restaurant? The fine was calculated total of RM46,000 in accordance with Regulation  7 of the Prohibited Activities Schedule no.11 (No 7) 2020.

Credit: Berita Harian

Due to a lot of cases happen, people are now aware and scared that they couldn’t check their history or evidence after scanning QR code using the Mysejahtera app. This person even asked in the comment of the Mysejahtera app regarding the history check-in.

Credit: Facebook

Don’t worry! We have a solution for all of you regarding the case. If you are being questioned or spot-checked by the authorities, you can just click at your profile in the Mysejatera app and show them the QR code. However, this QR code is not accessible by the citizen for security purposes.

Credit: Facebook

But, if you still feel scared or just for an extra step, you can always screenshot after you’re done submit your details. If you have low storage, you can just leave the tabs open in your web search like this~

Credit: Twitter

Keep social distancing and wear a mask! We can do it~