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7-Eleven’s National Day Promotions With Price As Low As RM1!

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in conjunction with the National Day that is just around the corner, 7-Eleven, one of the best convenience store in Malaysia, has come up with incredible promotions with price as low as RM1 only!

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You can get a variety of food snacks, drinks, daily needs and Aiskleem Dalogona in Red and other exclusive snacks with price as low as RM1! Excited to know about the promotions?

Let’s take a look at the amazing offers!

1. #Hi Malaysiaku! 

▼ Nissin UFO’s Osaka Takoyaki 97g & Korean Hot Chicken 99g for RM5.30 each!

▼ Crispy Popping Candy/ Brown Sugar Milk Tea 11g for RM1.00 only!

▼ Get two Mie Sedaap Korean Spicy Chicken (Soup) 78g cup for RM5.50 only!

▼ Wise’s Korean Spicy Fried Chicken 50g is RM3.80 only!

▼ Mister Potato’s Black Crisps Canister 45g for RM3.90 only!

▼ Solen’s Criss Cross 18g is RM 1.50 & Solen Papita Caramel/ Milky 33g for RM1.90 only!

▼ 7-Eleven’s Chilli Cheese Sausage for RM3.70, SCH Epok-Epok Curry Puff for RM2.50 and Pau for RM2.40 each!

▼CP Easy Snack Chili Cocktail/ Cheese Cocktail 100g for RM4.50 only!

▼ Sri Putih’s Curry Oden for RM7.40 each only!

▼ 7-Eleven Aiskleem Dalgona in red is RM2.60 each and Aiskleem Cup Calgona in red is RM1.90 each only!

▼ Any 350ml Calpis drink is RM2.30 each!

▼Pocari Sweat 500ml for RM3.50 only!

▼ Red Bull Gold Can/ Less Sugar 250ml is RM3.60 only!

▼ Binggrae Banana/ Melon Milk 200ml for RM4.50 only!

▼ Any 250ml Ecolite drink for RM5.50 only!

▼ Any two 500ml 100 Plus drink for RM4.60 only!

▼ Any two 380ml Seasons drink for RM4.60 only!

▼25g Milo Nuggets for RM1.00 only!

▼ 30g Yupi Big Frank & 32g Yupi Giant Cola is RM1.50 only!

▼ Jack ‘n Jill Cream O’s 132g Vanilla/ Chocolate is RM2.80 each only!

▼ Mighty White’s Original Chicken Floss Bun with Sambal Nasi Lemak/ Spicy Chicken Floss Bun for RM1.50 each only!

▼Any 65g Wise  potato chips is only RM2.90 each!

▼ Pagoda’s 37g Roasted Cashews/ 30g Roasted Pistachio is only RM3.80 each!

▼ 40g Ribena Blackcurrant Pastilles is only RM3.90 each!

▼ Get any two 100g Cadbury for RM10.00 only!

▼ YLF Frozen’s Sweets in the snow plastic container is only RM5.00 each!


▼ Get any two Mie Sedaap 81g Korean Spicy Chicken (Dry) cup for RM5.50 only!

▼ 75ml Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak for RM8.40 & Vicks’ 6pcs VapoDrops Honey Lemon/ Orange for RM4.90 only!

▼ 10ml Yu Yee Oil Cap Limau for only RM9.40 only!

▼ Bio Zip’s 750g Colour is RM4.70 only!

▼ 270ml Fruiser Shower Cream Goat’s Milk is RM5.00 & 220g Shokubutsu’s Floral is RM7.70 each!

▼85g SmartHeart Pouch Sardine/ Tuna is RM1.20 only!

▼ 3g UHU Super Glue is RM2.80 each!

▼ 4pcs Faber Castell Click X5 Ball Pen is RM3.50 & 21g UHU Stic is RM 4.50 only!

▼ 4pcs Energizer Max AA/ AAA is RM12.90 each!

▼ Any Hasbro MLP Story Figure is RM13.90 each & Hasbro Nerf Nanofire is RM15.90 only!

▼ WOW’s Buy 1 Free 1 offer!

3pcs WOW Condom E.Large Roaster (XL)/ S.Tank Doted (DOtted)/ Volcano (Contour) is RM4.50 and you can get one free for each purchase!

【Promotion Details】

Promotion                : 7-Eleven’s #Hi Malaysiaku!

Date                         : Now until 13th September 2020

Venue                      : All Peninsular Malaysia 7-Eleven outlets except KLIA #2644, KLIA2 #1992 & #2711, Skypark Terminal #2631, Genting Highland #2545 & #2430 and Successful Waterfront JB #2489.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Get RM2 cashback with minimum spend of RM20 via Touch ‘n Go e-wallet (valid for ePenjana receiver only).

2. Ohsem Savers!

▼ Mamee Express Cup for RM1 only!

▼ Yeo’s Drinks for RM1 each!

▼ 320ml Kickapoo drinks, 35g Super NutreMill Beverage, Aik Cheong and Malaya are only RM1 each! 

▼ 26g Aik Cheong drink is RM2.90, kart’s Quick Meal is RM2.90, CP’s food is RM8.50 and  7-Eleven Rendang Chicken Bun is RM 1.50 only!

▼ M&M’s Milk bar is RM4.70, Lay’s Potato Chips is RM2.90, Tao Kae Noi Tin Ten Squid is RM3.80 and 1l Milo UHT is RM 4.90 only!

▼ Solen Criss Cross is RM1.50, Solen’s Papita is RM1.90 and Crisy Special Edition is RM1.00 only!

▼ Wise’s Korean Spicy Fried Chicken is RM 3.80 and Disney 4D Gummy is Rm5.00 only!

▼ Bad Lab is RM5.00 and Darlie Tea Care is RM 6.90 only!

【Promotion Details】

Promotion : 7-Eleven’s Ohsem Savers!

Date : Now until 26th August 2020

Venue : All 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia except KLIA #2644, KLIA2 #1992 & #2711, Skypark Terminal #2631, Genting Highland #2545 & #2430 and Successful Waterfront JB #2489.

Terms & Conditions :

  • While stocks last

What are you waiting for? Go get yours in the nearest 7-Eleven outlet now!

Info via: 7-Eleven Malaysia