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“Cut Sugar Intake & Oily Food”, Man Lost 39kg in 5 months

Photo Credit to Twitter

Losing weight is harder than gaining weight.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?! It’s a question most of the people asked themselves. The most common reason are, we can’t resist nice food, exercise is hard and no time to exercise.

Credit: The Shape Magazine

Recently, a netizen who managed to lose to 121kg from 160kg in just five months went viral with more than 17K likes and 5K retweets on Twitter.

According to his tweet, he is currently trying to lose his weight to 80 kilograms in the coming five months.

When he started his weight losing journey, his was 160 kilograms.

Credit: Twitter

Which he managed to lose 39 kilograms in just 5 months and now he weighs 121 kilograms!

Credit: Twitter

In his tweet, he shared some simple weight losing tips that can be followed by many people. He shared, food intake and nutritional aspect is something that should be emphasized apart from the need to exercise such as jogging, walking and heading to the gym.

As for the food intake aspect, he cut off sugar intake and greasy food from his daily diet. In order to lose weight, vegetables and fruits can be added in your daily diet menu.

▼ Netizen also shared their weight losing journey which I believe inspired many people to go for their ideal body shape too!

▼ Some shared their tips to lose weight and go back to the healthy lifestyle that you must have always dreamt of.

▼ Consistency is the key!

If you struggle with weight loss, you know that there is no shortcuts. It’s not actually just about finding time to exercise or choosing salad over burger, but it is about making a genuine commitment to your health everyday regardless the ups and downs.

It is definitely not easy but it is not impossible! Be consistent in your goal and you’ll definitely achieve what you want!

Info via: Twitter