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Fake News : Face Mask On When People From Different Households Riding in a Car & Waiting For Food Is Not True!

Photo Credit to ontheroadtrends | The Star

A viral message shared on WhatsApp in regard with transportation, face mask usage as well as eateries’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) from Aug 1 onwards is fake news.

Credit : The Star

As Malaysians began complying with a new rule on compulsory use of face masks in public, a fake message was being spread that masks were also required for those sharing a car ride with others.

The fake message also claimed that only two people were allowed to ride in small cars such as the Perodua Axia.

The messages led the National Security Council to issue a denial. It said there was no such directive that people from different households in a car must wear masks and practise social distancing.

Credit : The Globe and Mail

The NSC also denied any rule about small cars.

Meanwhile, the message had also claimed that for SOPs in eateries, a small table can only be seated by two persons while a bigger table can only seat four.

With the wearing of face masks made mandatory in public spaces effective Aug 1, the viral message claimed that people had to keep their mask on while they were waiting for their food, talking, using their mobile phones as well as when reading the newspaper.

Credit : NST

It also claimed that the face masks are not allowed to be placed under the chin, hanging on the ear or on the table but must be placed in a pocket or handbag.

The NSC said the message was fake.

The government announced last week that masks must be used by all travelling on public transport and by those at crowded public areas such as markets, supermarkets, parks, and tourism destinations.

Children under two years old, the disabled, and people who can’t wear face masks by themselves are exempted.

Malaysians who doesn’t comply with new rule will be fine RM1,000.

Info via The Star, FMT