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Man Being Attack By A Goose While He Was Delivering Parcel!

Photo credit to Facebook

We heard that many delivery workers being chased by dogs before, right? It is very common and most delivery workers already know how to handle it. Well, this man have experience it too but with a goose!

Credit: Kehinde

▼This man was delivering parcel by cash on delivery when this feisty goose suddenly attacks him! It bit his pants. He wiggled around to make the goose let its bites off him.

Credit: Facebook

▼When he was let go by the goose, he quickly caught the goose by its neck.

Credit: Facebook

▼The man pushed the goose to face another way before he makes a dash into the car.The owner tried as much as her can using a garbage sweeper to prevent the goose from attacking the man.

Credit: Facebook

▼The tactic didn’t work. However, clearly, the goose was not having it! It turns back and chased the man again.

Credit: Facebook

▼The man caught the goose by its neck before it could attack him again

Credit: Facebook

▼He wrestled again with the goose, who is trying to let its neck go from the man’s grip.

Credit: Facebook

▼The owner comes back with a garbage sweeper and trying to prevent the goose from attack the man again.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of people are having a good laugh and some also very sympathetic as they went through the same attack by goose before!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are dying of laughing at the scene of the goose and the man!

▼ Well, you don’t get paid enough to be chase by a goose

▼ People relive their memories of being attacked by this animal when they were young~

▼ Apparently, this animal is very notorious that people called it a gangster!

Goose is vicious! So if you see one of those, better prepare to run~

Info via Facebook