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Teacher’s Creativity of Wearing Costumes of Characters in History Subjects To Impart Knowledge for his Students!

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The role of an educator or teacher is not as easy as we think. There are many many methods to impart knowledge to students so that they would understand better and easier. As we know, History is one of the subjects that is considered boring even though the teachers use various techniques to teach them.

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Recently, Teacher Mohamad Safwan who went viral sometime ago for his unique techniques to teach in an entertaining atmosphere took a break from the social media as he had some medical issues according to a netizen’s post on Twitter.

Cikgu Mohamad Safwan Zulqarnain Bin Jebat or also known as Cikgu Awan Jebat is a teacher at a secondary school in Johor Bahru whole stole the citizen’s attention due to his creativity in teaching History subjects. His creativity in teaching the students can be seen through his costumes that are made with the help of his mother, Suriyatina Che Hat.

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“Actually, I am interested in acting field but my financial issue does not allow me to persue my dream”, he said.

He wear different unique costumes to give a real picture to the students about the certain incident in History syllabus during P&P session to ensure the students to continue to be interested and focused during the sessions.

He applies certain characters during the teaching and learning sessions to ensure that students continue to be interested and focused during the sessions.

So far, he has dressed in many different costumes to create a fun learning environment.

▼Cikgu Safwan Jebat’s interesting technique of theater in teaching Science subjects.

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Besides that, Awan Jebat has acted out different characters in many unique costumes.

▼ Prehistoric humans

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▼ Soldiers of Roman civilization

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▼ Greek philosophers

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▼ The royal family of Indus Civilization

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▼ Pak Pandir

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▼ Indiana Jones

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▼ Oyen Cat

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▼ Islamic Philosophers

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▼ Netizens were amazed how dedicated this teacher is and encouraged him to keep doing this.

▼ Well, it would be nice if there is a movie about this teacher!

How nice it would if all the schools in the world has this type of teachers?! Students would be excited for the upcoming lessons!

Info via: Twitter