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This Lady Makes A Fashion Style By Using 7 Different Color Masks 7 Days A Week!

Photo credit to Facebook

Clothes, makeup, bags, accessories, and shoes are the component in fashion. Since we are still in the pandemic, it is mandatory for all of us to wear masks in public spaces. If you are not following the rules, you will receive RM1,000 compound! This also means your fashion sense is very limited.

Credit: TST

This lady made a headline on Facebook when she brings back the fashion style by using 7 different color masks for a week. Not only that, but her outfits were also coordinated with the color of her mask each day!

Credit: Facebook

Translation below

“I used to wear a mask to prevent pandemics but now I wear a mask to prevent compound. In the past, you only need to pack shoes but now you have to match the color of the mask.

Wearing a mask of the same color is a bonus point for a happy mood! I don’t know if it meets the international certification, three layers of thickness, meltblown cloth, and ears.”

She also shared the link to the Taobao, where she bought those colorful masks! 【click here

Credit: Taobao

Let’s see how she coordinate her fashion using a mask, shall we?

▼Day 1

Her minimalistic style of blue and black matches her blue mask! Even, the background for her picture is blue~

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 2

Look very fairytale-like with a white dress and white mask! She looks so sweet~

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 3

Casual looks with a purple t-shirt and a purple mask! Very simple~

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 4

Yellow is a very hard color to pull off, right? She got it with a simple yellow top and her matching yellow mask!

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 5

Cyan color maks and green shirt combination can never go wrong to make a great outfit!

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 6

Pink is such a powerful colour! She looks so beautiful with a rosy-colored shirt and white shorts! Don’t forget the pink mask~ It is the main item for this outfit.

Credit: Facebook

▼Day 7

Chic style with all black outfits! Her matching mask makes her look very cool and mysterious~

Credit: Facebook

The netizens were amazed at her ways of making fashion possible with masks!

Netizens’ Responses

▼ It just happens to be perfect for 7 different colors a week!

▼ But it is best to pay attention to what kind of mask it is before buying it!

▼ However, you can also support or buy locally!

▼ Maybe, it is better for men to stick with neutral color~

Fashion is very unique and so cool~ I think I want to coordinate my fashion with my mask too!

Info via Facebook