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Uncle Roger Released Of A New Cooking Video With BBC Host!

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Do you remember the viral egg fried rice? Soon after that, Uncle Roger had a meet up with the Egg Fried Rice lady! They promised to make a collab video of cooking rice in a correct way for the viewers. Everyone was excited about it!

Well, good news because the video that we are waiting for has been released! Apparently, Uncle Roger uploaded a collab video of him meeting Egg Fred Rice Lady and it garnered over 1.2 million views in just 11 hours!

The video started with Uncle Roger said that he will meet with Hersha Patel. He said that she called him to meet up with her. He also said that he didn’t know what will she do to her and if anything happens to him, Uncle Roger said that she is the criminal. He also said as the last will, give the orange shirt to his parents.

Uncle Roger went to Hersha’s house and knocked at her door which she answered. He let him to her kitchen and left him for a moment. Uncle Roger took that time to explore her kitchen which she found a lot of colanders.

After that, Hersha said that she heard that Uncle Roger love fried rice and have a strong opinion about it which he answered yes. Uncle Roger then gives one chance to Hersha to make good fried rice for him.

Uncle Roger then called his favourite niece, J Lou. J Lou said to Uncle Roger to not let Hersha uses colanders to cook rice.

Hersha started her cooking by using one cup of Basmati rice. She also washed the rice which Uncle Roger applauded her for it.

Then, she measured 2 cups of water for one cup of rice which then Uncle Roger said that to use a finger.

Hersha also said to boil before took it to simmer with the lid on halfway, to let the steam escape. Uncle Roger shared that he cooks his rice with fully lid on because the steam will cook the rice.She explained that she steams the rice afterwards.

Uncle Roger said that some culture has different ways of making rice but some culture just cooks rice wrong. He also said that she needs to buy rice cooker but Hersha said that she never have anyone buy rice cooker which he rebutted said she doesn’t have a cultured friend. They talked about his favourite thing tod od for a past time which he replied that he loves watching tv with the legs up.

Hersha also said that there is a great place that sells risotto but Uncle Roger said that he doesn’t like risotto because it is a wrong way to cook rice. Too wet and sticky.

Then, Hersha asked about Paella, a Spanish food. Uncle Roger also disagreed and said that it has too many things. He also added that he likes white rice.

Hersha then asked about biryani and Uncle Roger said that he like biryani and said that Indian people good at making rice. Hersha laughed at said not really but he rebutted her and said only Hersha is not good at making rice.

Uncle Roger asked about her spice racks which he claimed it to look like a Chinese medicine shop. She said that it’s all healthy food. He said that everyone brags about a nice car and a nice house but Hersha shows nice seeds.

He then shows a jar of kombucha that he said looks like a dog’s reproductive organ. She said it is kombucha that she brewed. She also added that it is also a bacteria which he said it is a bad thing.\

Then the rice almost is done. She turned off the heat and close the lid to let it steam. He almost got a heart attack when she holds a colander that she want to tidy up. Uncle roger also tried the rice and rate it 4 out of 10.

Hersha brings out a wok. Hersha put some oil in the wok and put the cold rice. He approved her using the cold rice. However, he roasted her when she didn’t use garlic but she has bacteria in her house.

She whisked eggs with sesame oil. Uncle Roger said that the sesame oil brand is not a good one which they had a bantered about it.

She also tossed the rice but end up have an accident. She also put some spring onion that she shows how to cut to uncle roger. She also added soy sauce in the fried rice.

He then brings out MSG saying that people like her don’t use MSG. He then tried to toss the rice which he failed miserably.

After tasting the rice, Uncle Roger said that for a home cook, it is good. Hersha then asked him to cook but he said he doesn’t want her to get abused by the internet. Hersha also showed an Asian fusion twist of her fried rice. She added alfalfa sprout, garam masala, mustard seeds, cumin powder, sunflower seed, curry leaves, chia seeds and baked beans and a tiny amount of marmite. When she turned to see him, he just has gone!

The netizens were very entertained by the collab of these two and commented on the video!

Netizens’ Responses

▼Some people can’t even take a joke~ Props to her!

▼Some culture just do it wrong~

▼I would subscribe Netflix for this!

▼The most iconic cross-over on Youtube!


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