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Young Man Caught Thief That Stole His Motorcycle! This Is How He Does It!

Photo credit to Twitter

Have you ever scroll your social media and saw people asking help to locate their stolen vehicle? It is very hard to find your motorcycles or even a car if you don’t have a clue. This young man shared on Twitter about how he finds his stolen motorcycle and caught the thief. It garnered over 19K likes and 14K retweets.

Credit: Twitter

The story is his bike was stolen at 5 o’clock in the morning. But, luckily by 7 o’clock, his motorcycle was found! It was also reported that at the same house, there were also 2 other stolen motorcycles.

Credit: Twitter

The place that the culprit store the motorcycles was said to be a house where they store catering things.

Credit: Twitter

Not only that, the culprit who stole his motorcycle also was arrested! But, how he manages to relocate his stolen motorcycle so fast?

Credit: Twitter

Well, he actually installed a GPS tracker on his bike. He even shared the tracker and said that the tracker can be installed on any type of vehicle. He told that you can buy it online on Shoppe for RM195 or mechanical store. However, he recommended to buy it at a mechanical store so they can help to install it.

Credit: Twitter

When you activate it, you will link it with your phone. The total that he spends on this is RM310, including the installation and Simcard for the GPS that valid for 28 months. He shared that after 28 months. he has to buy another one and top up. Then, you only need to update the new number on Motomart apps!

Credit: Twitter

He shared that the place where you install the GPS only can be known by the owner only! So, don’t tell anyone where did you install the GPS. You also can put a dummy GPS alongside your real GPS to confuse the thief.

Credit: Amazon

Netizens’ Responses

▼The netizens thanked the users for his information about the GPS tracker

▼You never know how your schoolmate turns out~

▼Some people even asked if he gets to hit the thief for stealing!

▼If someone creates one, that person would be a millionaire because people will buy it, especially during celebration festivals~

▼This would be very convenient for a cat’s owner

What a helpful guide! Make sure to install one in your vehicle people~

Info via Twitter