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“Better Drink Tealive”, Netizen Shared Her Review About McDonald’s Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Photo Credit to McDonald's | Facebook

McDonald’s has always been one of our favourite fast food restaurant. In order to keep up with the latest trend, introducing milk tea in their menu, for all the milk tea craze!

The newly introduced boba beverages are divided into three flavours which are Boba Brown Sugar Latte, Boba Brown Sugar Milk and Boba Brown Sugar Americano.

Credit: McDonalds

A medium-sized cup of boba beverage costs RM8.99 while a large-sized cup costs RM10.99. But, the real question is, does the taste worth the price of the drink?

Credit: Facebook

Recently, a netizen posted her review after drinking boba beverage from Mcdonald’s that went viral with more than 2K likes, 1K comments and shares on Facebook.

In her post, according to her feedback on how the medium-sized Brown Sugar Milk Tea beverage from Mcdonald’s tastes like. All she said was, “Just drink Tealive” which clearly shows that the drink didn’t meet her expectations.

Also, in the pictures she shared on her post, the amount of milk tea is only three quarters of the whole cup and the amount of bubbles in the cup is little.

Credit: Facebook

Not forgetting the amount of ice cubes in the medium-sized cup which might change the sweet taste of the milk tea especially if you’re a slow drinker.

Credit: Facebook

Netizens also shared their review on how the Mcdonald’s boba beverages tasted like and if it worth the price.

▼ I assume the advertised boba beverages pictures look too good to be true.


▼ Many had better suggestions for boba beverages compared to Mcdonald’s~


Let’s agree that sometimes food and beverages advertisements look mouth-watering but when you take a look at the reality, they are simply exaggerated and disappointing.

Info via: Facebook