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Chocolate-Coated Fried Chicken Recipe?!

Photo Credit to TikTok

Ever since Covid-19 lockdown started, a lot of us trying out the trending recipes online from dalgona coffee, raindrop cake, souffle omelette, cloud bread and many more.

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Turns out lockdown has been our time to expand our cooking skills to create new recipes and new dishes. Although some recipes got a lot of love but some recipes are just not “agreeable” for example adding 3in1 Milo powder in Maggi.

Heluu pulisss!~


Recently, a netizen posted a video of her making chocolate covered fried chicken recipe that got more than 100K likes, 11K comments and 11K shares on Tiktok.

Chocolate is often incorporated into savoury cuisine of course, being used to make pasta sauces richer, but juicy chicken covered with sweet chocolate?

In the video, we can see that the chicken was roasted beforehand in the oven to ensure they’re cooked enough.

Credit: TikTok

Then, the chicken drumsticks were dipped in the melted chocolate. The whole drumstick was properly coated with the chocolate.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

The chocolate coated chicken was then deep-fried until the outer chocolate layer is cooked.

Credit: TikTok

The chocolate covered fried chicken drumsticks are ready to be served!

Credit: TikTok

▼ Chocolate can go well with savoury dishes but to use it as a coating for fried chicken is a big no no!

▼Check out the video of the chocolate covered fried chicken recipe!


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I guess I’m not going to try this recipe out.

Info via: TikTok