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OMG! Snakes Also Can Be Seen During KL Flash Flood

Photo credit to Facebook

Heavy afternoon rains had caused flash floods in several areas in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 10, with floods water rose as high as 3 meters.

Besides, Si “Kelisa” wading through the floods. Some wildlife animals also can be seen slithering down the streets.

A video of a huge python was documented real-live somewhere in the downtown area around a mosque compound that shared on a Facebook page went viral.

In the footage, a huge python can be seen seeking shelter or maybe hunting for food from the heavy downpour in a roofed parking area of a mosque compound.

The python was snaking its way across the pavement, following the flow of water during the heavy rain. The video also showed several onlookers on the scene standing watch, almost in disbelief at the animal that laid in front of them.

Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) urged parents to keep an eye on young children, keep them away from flooded areas, as snakes, particularly pythons, can be aggressive and move incredibly quickly while treading water.

Info via Facebook