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Top 10 Most Expensive And Rarest Bottled Waters That Only Rich People Can Buy!

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As we all know, we have to at least drink 2L of water a day to keep our body hydration level at the most optimum. Believe it or not, even though most bottled water tastes the same, we certainly have our own favorite. Usually, you can get bottled water for only RM1 but do you know about the most expensive bottled water? Well, we gonna share with you the 10 most expensive and rarest water bottles in the world!


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Let’s see those bougie water!

10. Aqua Deco



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From the name, deco means artsy and it really reflects in the design because it is one of the most unique, artistic bottles you’ll find for water. The water that they collected is from untouched, unspoiled springs in Canada. The water won the gold for being the best non-carbonated drinking water back in 2007 and it remains one of the favorites among water enthusiasts, selling for RM49.85 per 750ml. It is one of the most expensive bottled waters in the world, and you can find it mostly at high-end restaurants, hotels, and spas.

9. 10 Thousand BC

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The source of this exotic water is located off the coast of Canada. The source is so far from human contamination and pollutants. In order to collect them, they have to go through a three-day trip to reach the source, which is at the Hat Mountain Glacier in British Columbia, Canada. The goal of the company was to be the first to create a product of bottled water, that came from a mountain glacier, and it succeeded with this very luxurious water that sells for RM58.16 per 750ml. It is one of the highly sophisticated, stylish, and world-class brands.


Credit: Veen

Veen’s water hails from Finland, where it is one of the places that you can get the purest and freshest waters in the entire world. The spring is located near the Finnish Lapland, just outside a small village called Tengelio. The water is naturally filtered through an ice age before reaching the Konisaajo natural spring, the natural arctic area of Finland, where it is collected. The water has been rated superior, with its smoothness and unusual ability to quench any thirst. It sells for RM103.86 per 750ml.

7. iluliaq

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Iluliaq came from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, Greenland. The iceberg was taken on a boat by local workers before being taken to a barrel and allowed to melt naturally. Iluliaq production is limited because it depends on environmental factors and natural elements. Every purchase of Iluliaq will make us feel special because each bottle will have a date & customer name placed on the label. This company does not keep stock for a long time to make sure every bottle delivered is fresh. You can buy it for RM210 per bottle.


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In order to get the water with the price tag of RM354, an expedition from the Artic to Svalbard in Europe has been done. Svalbarði also recognizes that this water must be packaged in a premium bottle that is very suitable for its quality. This bottle is made of “extra-flint” glass, The wooden cover is designed to resemble the arctic driftwood.


Credit: Luxury Inside

This luxurious bottled water is priced at RM1,000. The bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystal. Filico is high-quality natural mineral water from Kobe, Japan. This Filico water bottle is designed to be attractive & royal to be made as a gift for loved ones as the bottle symbolizes cleanliness and purity.

4. Kona Nigari

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Kona Nigari is expensive with a price tag of RM1,676. You can only get the water at 2000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. The water in Kona Nigiri can provide many health benefits to its users due to the special properties contained in the water. The bottle makes it look cheap and not suitable for sale at a premium price exclusively in Japan, but its hygiene and health benefits which make people interested in this Kona Nigari. It is highly recommended by some of the most famous dermatologists and fitness coaches!

3.Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand (RM11,300)


Bling H20 is very popular as it was dubbed to be rich kids’ version of mineral water. But, the Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand definitely is more than just the price of the normal rich kids can afford. For a bottle, it is RM11,300. Why so expensive? Well, the bottle is decorated with 10,000 Swarovski crystal. If you drink this, it would definitely speak volumes about how much you earned!

2.Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani (RM250,000)

Credit: Shoutech

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is priced at RM250,000. The bottle is designed by Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani made from handmade made of 24-carat gold and 5 mg 23-carat gold dust. In this 1.25ml bottle, is a combination of glacier water from Iceland & natural waters from France and the Fiji Islands. The bottle is really beautiful and unique, which can be used as a decoration at home or office. The taste of it must also be deliciously fresh when drinking!

1.Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition (RM417,000) 

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Beverly Hills 9OH20 is known to be the champagne of water. But the Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition takes it to the next level! The bottle was designed by a jeweler Mario Padilla. The bottle cap is inlaid with 14-carat gold, 250 of black diamonds, and 600G of white diamonds. There are only 9 of these water bottles that have ever been produced and if you buy 1 unit, you will get a one-year supply of Beverly Hills 9OH2O Lifestyle Collection. The taste of this water is amazing as it comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains! Not only that, but it also contains minerals, potassium, calcium, and minerals. The price of this is a whopping, RM417,000!

How does it taste? Water?

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