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Uncle Roger Back With New Reaction Video Of Jamie Oliver Egg Fried Rice!

Photo credit to Youtube

Remember Uncle Roger, the one who roasts the BBC host, Hersha Patel? Last time, he had a collaboration with Hersha Patel and did a cooking video of her cooking her version of egg fried rice!

Well, he is back at it again! This time, he reviews someone who is very famous in the cooking industry which is Jamie Oliver. The video quickly  garnered over 2.1M views and people definitely was entertained by his review of the egg fried rice!

▼The video started with Uncle Roger started the video, mentioning that people requested for him to react to Jamie Oliver cooking egg fried rice. He said that he knowledged that Jamie Oliver is a professional chef and been to Uncle Roger’s been to his restaurant before

▼Uncle Roger scolded that Jamie doesn’t use the wok to cook the fried rice. But he quickly disregards the case and just said that he’s willing to send a free wok for the chef to use for cooking.

▼He was not happy when Jamie uses the olive oil for cooking and said it was not suitable for Asian cooking.

▼A minute after that, he complained that the spring onion should be a garnish, and if it was cooked at the early stage, it would be wilt by the time the rice is done.

▼When Jamie Oliver whipped out a pack of pre-cooked rice, he was horrified. But, he praised Jamie for saying to use cold rice but disagree with Jamie’s word for the rice needs to drain it.

▼Uncle Roger was appalled when Jamie Oliver put the Chili jam in the fried rice.He recommended using Sriracha for fried rice.

▼But when suddenly Jamie turned to put some water in the fried rice, Uncle Roger definitely was very horrified by the act.

▼Uncle Roger was okay when Jamie put the eggs in the pan.

▼Then, Jamie brings out tofu to put in the fried rice and the only complaint that Uncle Roger has is the way the tofu’s packaging is like a packet drink.

▼However, instead of cutting in bite pieces, Jamie tears the tofu apart into the cooking pan, which makes Uncle Roger stressed.

▼As the fried rice completed cooking, Uncle Roger said that the rice looked very wet that you can see your reflection.

▼Uncle Roger then tried to find Jamie Oliver’s other rice recipe but instead of a recipe, he found out about a controversy regarding the chef.

▼In the end, Uncle Roger concluded that he won’t like the recipe because the rice is too wet, no garlic, no msg, he breaks the tofu, no wok, and overly all wrong.

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are very disappointed with Jamie’s egg fried rice soo much~

▼Sometimes without proper understanding and research, it would probably cause a problem~

▼I guess this is a full explanation of why Jamie loves olive oil so much~

▼Netizens cringed by his cooking method and the way he used the tofu in the egg fried rice

▼Maybe he was not intended to make a very OG dish at first place but a fusion instead~


▼When the next collaboration will happen?

▼Uncle Roger vs Gordon Ramsay? A nuclear explosion!



▼For those who don’t know what is Chili jam is, this is what it is~

▼This video definitely has the best lines and jokes!

Oh no, not Jamie Oliver too~

Info via Youtube