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24-Year-Old Hottest Burmese Model, Paing Takhon That Look So Much Like Asian Version of “Aquaman”

Lately, a 24-year-old model with Myanmar nationality becomes the latest internet sensation with his muscular physique, messy long hair, attractive sharp facial features, some netizens said he look so much like the asian version of “aquaman”, which i can’t agreed more.

Born in Tanintharyi region, southern part of Myanmar, Paing Takhon aged 24, with the height of 188cm, a pair of long legs, muscular physique and some even said his multiracial features resemble Takeshi kaneshiro, Takuya Kimura and Kim Soo Hyun. Huh.. all the Korean and Japanese handsome man..

Some netizens also said he look so much like the asian version of aquaman, the long messy hair and well built body, with tattoo from his muscular chest to legs.

Some like his naughty, rebellious look when he smoke while cooking.

What about his short hair look? What do you think ? Which one you like the most ?

He began his entertainment career in 2014 as a runway model. He then made his acting debut in 2017, and has since starred in the films Midnight Traveller and Bad Boys 2.

In 2018, Paing Takhon featured on the BuzzFeed’s “23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words” In 2019, he was listed on The Myanmar Times “Top 10 Actors”.

He was appointed on to be tourism ambassador to boost travel from Thailand to Myanmar, capitalising on his popularity in Thailand where he is rapidly gaining popularity with a teenage fan base.

If you are his IG follower, you will definitely noticed he is a animal lover. Because there is a lot of photo of him with animals and also he can be seen feeding stray dogs and cats.

He is not only good looking but also a kind soul. Paing Takhon started singing in 2017. He launched his debut solo album “Chit Thu” (Lover) on 16 September 2017. He donated all his money from selling his albums to orphan children from Ananda Metta orphan school.

The prince charming not only have attractive appearance but he is quite talented too, look at his oil painting ..

On August 2019, Paing Takhon told media Baifern Pimchanok is his ideal type. However, no official statement that the two are couple yet.

Credit : IG

Info via IG/ Paing_Takhon