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Uniqlo Establishes Clothes Corner At Charitable Agency So Homeless Able To Get Proper Outfit

Credit: Uniqlo | Business of fashion

Some people are just not lucky as us because they don’t even can afford to wear decent clothes. In order to help those people, the well known clothing company which is UNIQLO. For the first time ever they launched Clothing Corner at Charity organisation!

Credit: Uniqlo

The location UNIQLO chooses to donates the clothes is at Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur! The centre is one of the government’s programs designed to help the homeless!

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Uniqlo
Credit: Uniqlo

By launching this kind of activity it can actually help people that can’t afford to wear proper clothes. The homeless will now have access to casual wear, sports attire, and even work wear!

The clothes are all donated by UNIQLO customers! Uniqlo also come out with recycling initiative by launching a campaign called Uniqlo Sustainability!

Credit: Uniqlo

The campaign encourages the customers to donate and recycle their clothes to needed people!

Credit: Uniqlo

This is a perfect way to raise awareness for those in need and also for environmental sustainability. Feel free to contribute by donating your clothes to the nearby UNIQLO.

Credit: Uniqlo

A donation box will be distributed at all UNIQLO nationwide so make sure to help those needed people!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are amazed and praising Uniqlo for their efforts to help homeless people!

▼Small effort with big impact!

▼Netizens hope that this initiatives can be an example to be followed by other brands

▼ Some worried that people will take advantage of this initiative

However Uniqlo already responded that the clothes corner will not be misused by irresponsible people because the clothing corner are only allowed for the PTGKL residences not outsiders.

▼ People are happier to shop at Uniqlo because of their effort to help those people in need!

Uniqlo did a great job and we hope the initiatives will encourage more people to donate their clothes to homeless people!

Info via Uniqlo