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Annie Yi Take Legal Action On Netizens Who Called Her Daughter Cross-Eyed and Stupid-Looking

Annie Yi and Harlem Yu divorced on 2009. She then get married with a Chinese actor Qin Hao on 2015 and give birth to her daughter Milly, who is now 3yo.

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Annie will upload the her daughter’s photo occasionally in Weibo. In 1 particular post , she was posting photos about her daughter playing , smiling and enjoying her spa as well as featuring her probiotics which is part of her e-commerce business.

Annie revealed that her 3yo daughter Milly has been taking the product for a while, which raised the suspicions of some netizens.

It wasn’t long before their comments took a turn for the nasty with some netizens calling Milly “cross-eyed and stupid-looking” and “silly and simple-minded and ugly”, and adding that she’s this way because she’s been taking the probiotics. So rude right? And may we remind everyone that Milly is only three?!

This super mean comments pissed her off .she went on Weibo to lambast the netizens and said that she has reported the comments to the authorities.

“The child didn’t offend you, and because you don’t agree with something, you start insulting a 3yo child that you don’t know. I do not know how your parents brought you up.I am a mother, and like any mother, I will not allow anyone to hurt my child.” she lashed out.

Her fans praised her for taking a stand against cyberbullies. “These people are too evil. They need the law to teach them a lesson. Supporting you Annie,” wrote one netizen. “There will always be people who hide in a corner to stalk another person’s life, and then scold her because they are jealous, while living their own pathetic lives,” said another.

There were also some fans who suggested that Annie should stop making Milly a target for online trolls by posting less about her on social media. Out of sight, out of mind maybe?

While another said that there was nothing wrong with people sharing their “honest” opinions.

“Posting photos out in the public and leaving it open for comments, what’s wrong with people sharing their honest opinions? Does it mean only comments like “pretty” are allowed, otherwise we have to face legal consequences?”

Hello world, let’s be kind to one another. Whether be it on screen or off screen. Our words have impact, please use them wisely!