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Mercedes Driver Dodged Toll Payment By Tailing Another Car

There was a 7-second footage about a Mercedes driver dodged toll payment gone viral. It’s taken by the rear dash cam of a car as it approached a toll somewhere in Klang Valley.

As the driver slows down for his Touch n Go card to be scanned and while waiting for the gate to rise, the Mercedes suddenly sprinting into view.

It’s really close probably a few centimetres away, the Mercedes then tailgates it and past the toll. It can be seen clearly that it’s just in time for the gate to descend after the Mercedes past the gate.

▼ Netizen thought the driver should be able to afford paying toll since he/she is driving a luxury car.

▼ Even the normal netizen could afford to pay the toll!

▼Others have same situation as well

▼Some though Police must summon and take legal action on this irresponsible driver because it’s dangerous to other road users.

▼Some even criticised him a “Cheapskate”. On the other hand , there were also some people amazed by his/her driving skills. Anyhow,it is one of the PH promise what..haha..

▼ Here’s the video !!

Anyhow, Please lah.. let’s be more considerable and take care of others’ safety on the road.

Source : Facebook