Stalker Found His Idol’s Location Through Her Selfie!

Posted a selfie is pretty normal. Most of us will do that too! Sometimes we upload our profile picture, share our OOTD or wefie with friends.

Credit : Tenshitsukinukeniyomi

And that’s what Japanese idol Ena Matsuoka did on a day-to-day basis to update her fans about her idol group Tenshitsukinukeniyomi’s upcoming events and everyday life.

But Matsuoka’s selfies nearly cost her life as the stalker used them to pinpoint her location. How Scary!

Credit: Twitter

This crazed obsessive fan named Hibiki Sato confessed to gagging Matsuoka before dragging her to a dark corner and sexually assaulting her.

Credit: Hibiki Sato (Twitter)

He told police that he found Matsuoka’s location by closely inspecting photos on her social media accounts. By zooming in to the reflections on her eyes and with assistance from Google Street View, he was able to get the name of the station where she regularly commuted from.


Sato has since been arrested after admitting to the allegation of assault.

Source: Tokyo Reporter