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Christmas songs playing in shops will make you spend more, according to science

Christmas music is blaring out everywhere, but the tills are jingling too as you’re inspired to splash out. We always think retailers play Christmas tunes purely out of love for the season. But eventually It’s NOT , It’s a matter of hard cold cash.

Source : Mirror

Playing Christmas carols reminds you of your need to shop for presents and that plays into the hand of retailers, who want to make sales. Those music reminds people of their Christmas obligations.

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A 2003 study from ­Washington State University found that when shoppers were exposed to Christmas music with a Christmas scent such as pine or cinnamon.When they felt more positively about the store environment, they tend to spend more.

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“If the music didn’t perform a ­function, they wouldn’t play it,” Prof Peter Christenson, Media studies in Portland said.

It creates warm, fuzzy ambiance, which make you stay in a store and the longer you stay, the more likely you’ll be tempted to make a few more purchases, even things you didn’t want.

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Certain types of Christmas music works better to get customers to spend. “Faster-paced pieces move people through the store quicker than retailers would like,” Lead author of the Washington State University study, Dr Eric ­Spangenberg said. So a gentle, slow paced Christmas song is more likely to make you linger.

( Let’s enjoy Crazy Frog Christmas song with no cost incurred .. Hehe)

Gosh!! Now only i know why i’m spending like nobody business when come to Christmas ..But still, I crazily in love Christmas song ..jingling all the way..

Source : Mirror