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Hundred Kapcai(s) and a BMW Wandering on Streets in Malacca to Celebrate End of SPM

Hundreds of SPM students with “horrific act” were on their motorcycles wandering in the streets of malacca celebrating the end of SPM. This incident happened on Nov 27 ,the group on bikes were seen near Pantai Klebang ,Pantai Puteri dan Bandar Hilir.

Credit : Facebook

According to the Astro Awani , Beside disturbing the public with noise pollution, girls in the group showed ‘gangster’ behaviour with various hostile actions on the road.

Credit : Facebook

In the photos that were uploaded on Facebook, a red BMW were seen joining the group and one of the students could be seen with his arms outstretched, while a few students had their bodies peeking out from the passenger’s window and sunroof. Gosh! Stuntman keh?


Their inconsiderate act also caused other road users to ‘give in’ in order not to escalate the situation. This group of SPM leavers was said “indulged in horrific acts” on the road and were seen smoking in public, reported by Astro Awani.

Credit : Facebook

Police was controlling the situation right after the incident was reported. Following the incident, Traffic Enforcement and Investigations Department (JSPT) of Melaka also issued 17 summons on various offences, including not possessing a driver’s license, driving with an expired road tax, and illegal vehicle modifications.

The youth is our hope for future . This is not what it supposed to be people ..

Source : Astro Awani | Sinar Harian | Facebook | Twitter